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Alpha Iota Sigma is an honor society dedicated to serving both undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in interdisciplinary academic programs at their University or College. Established in 2012, our mission is to promote interdisciplinary collaboration, academic scholarship, and the benefits of interdisciplinary work.
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Research Spotlight

Dr. Marcus Tanner is currently working on a research project titled ” Meeting Adversity with Resilience: Understanding the Impact of Adverse Ministry Experiences.” 


The study aims to delve into the ministy experiences that clergy and their spouses percieve as adverse and traumatic. Additionally, he and his team seeks to explore the trajectory of recovery from such experiences. 


To learn more, you can explore the ongoing work related to this project here. 

Call for Proposals Extended

46th Annual Conference of the Association for Interdisciplinary Studies

Conference Theme:Interdisciplinary Bridge Building: Reconnection and Traversal

September 27 & 28, 2024, Virtual

Interdisciplinarity can be imagined as a space or environment, constructed or organic, that sometimes arises out of interdisciplinary responses to forms of polarization, fragmentation, specialization, and the divides between practices, theories and scientific cultures.

This year’s virtual conference seeks proposals that explore the structures, theories, and practices of (re)connection, e.g., the bridge, traverse, rhizome, etc., that result in active knowledge creation, new pedagogies, and the re-imagining of the communities they connect. As a virtual conference, we welcome traditional formats such as the short paper, roundtable, and panel, as well as proposals for sessions that may model the activities they present, such as unsessions*, and interactive workshops, as well as presentations designed to encourage participants’ active engagement.

*Unsessions: You are welcome to “un-session” a topic you’d like to learn more about or discuss; if you want to workshop an idea or have a question you’d like to discuss, or if you want to explore something new, propose an “un-session” where participants build knowledge and ideas together, and the session leader does not have to be an expert in the field but  instead guides the session in discussion and knowledge-building.

Submission deadline extended: June 24, 2024

Submit here.

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