Founded in 2012, the Alpha Iota Sigma honor society already includes representatives from over a dozen institutions. Our members have the opportunity to be recognized for their outstanding scholarly achievements, community engagement, and leadership in solving complex problems.

As a member of the International Interdisciplinary Honor Society, Alpha Iota Sigma chapters:

  • Apply to and are approved by the Executive Council

  • Are institutional members of the Association for Interdisciplinary Studies

  • Meet the criteria of the currently approved bylaws of Alpha Iota Sigma


Alpha Iota Sigma chapters receive:

  • Institutional recognition by the International Interdisciplinary Honor Society,

  • A vote in the Executive Council,

  • Logistical support for managing membership and leadership issues,

  • International commencement recognition for qualifying student members,

  • Guidelines for induction ceremonies and pledge.


As a member of Alpha Iota Sigma, student members:

  • Are enrolled in an Alpha Iota Sigma Member college or university,

  • Are majoring in an interdisciplinary program as noted in the chapter requirements,

  • Hold a GPA of 3.3 or higher depending on the local chapter requirements,

  • Complete the new student member application,

  • May have additional requirements based on the local chapter requirements.


Alpha Iota Sigma student members receive:

  • A great honor and resume builder,

  • Affiliation with international organization of interdisciplinary scholars and students,

  • Opportunities to get involved with your college or university,

  • Opportunities to get involved with the Association for Interdisciplinary Studies,

  • Opportunities to submit student research proposals for consideration in the annual Association for Interdisciplinary Studies conference,

  • Opportunities to connect with other interdisciplinary scholars and students,

  • A certificate recognizing their membership of the honor society.


Current Dues for Student Inductees:

  • $20 for one year

  • $100 for five years

  • $300 for lifetime membership