Dr. Marcus N. Tanner

Executive Director

Dr. Marcus Tanner currently serves as the Director for Academic Programs in University Studies and is the founding Program Director for Integrative Studies at Texas Tech University. Both his education and life experiences are interdisciplinary. Before working in higher education, he earned a Bachelor’s degree in Church Ministries and spent 13 years in full-time pastoral ministry. He earned a Master’s degree in Education and an interdisciplinary Doctor of Philosophy degree in Human Development and Family Studies. His research interests are interdisciplinary and include the interaction of ministry work and family, work and health concerns, and program assessment. He has published primary research on forced termination of clergy and its effects on clergy and their families. His research can be found in interdisciplinary peer-reviewed academic journals as well as trade publications and organizational newsletters. He is the author of Introduction to Integrative Studies 2nd edition and co-editor of Perspectives in Interdisciplinary and Integrative Studies. He has served as an At Large Board Member for the Association for Interdisciplinary Studies, Chair for the its National Honor Society (Alpha Iota Sigma) and now ex-officio as the Executive Director for Alpha Iota Sigma. He also serves as the founding president of a non-profit mental health organization he and his wife, Michelle, started.

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