New Bylaws and Website for Alpha Iota Sigma

Welcome to the new web home for Alpha Iota Sigma

Welcome to our new site,  The site is fully functional but we will be adding new content as we have it. As we are working to make this a great virtual place for information about our organization, please let us know if you find mistakes or broken links.

We have also recently amended the Bylaws of Alpha Iota Sigma, at the last mid-year board meeting for AIS. Most of the amendments were minor in nature. Here is a quick list of some of the changes we made:

  • Created Executive Council & Executive Director position. Dr. Tanner who had been serving as chair was named the first Executive Director of the organization.
  • Updated some language in the bylaws to be consistent with the mission.
  • Change some procedures for attending the Executive Council meeting. We hope this now makes it easier for chapter officers to attend the annual meeting whether in person or virtually.